We are a group of barristers who specialise in family and civil law who are all public access qualified. 


All members of Harcourt Barristers Direct are also members of Harcourt Chambers, a leading family law set with a strong reputation in civil litigation.  At Harcourt Barristers Direct our experienced barristers provide cost-effective advice, representation and client care. 


Most cases will be suitable for public access. Our chambers’ clerks or your barrister will quickly be able to tell you whether or not your case is likely to be suitable, in accordance with the Bar Council Guidance.


Some of the advantages of instructing a barrister from Harcourt Direct are:  


  • You come direct to the expert


  • You can save money by having one lawyer not two – How much will it cost


  • You know exactly how much each piece of work is going to cost in advance


  • You can get to the heart of the matter more quickly


Harcourt Barristers Direct has Chambers (offices) in two convenient locations; in the heart of legal London in the Temple (between the City and the West End) and in Oxford (opposite the courts at St. Aldate’s).


Instructing Us


Please contact us by telephone on 0844 561 7135 or by completing the case enquiry form. Our clerks will contact you to discuss whether your case is suitable for public access and the options available to you. If appropriate, they will then arrange a free 30 minute preliminary meeting with a barrister.